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Orosei is a town of 6.922 inhabitants in the province of Nuoro, in Sardinia. It is found in the ancient historical subregion of the Baronies.There is no evidence that the etymological origin of the word Orosei is attributable to the Aesaronenses (Esaronensi), one of the main nuraghic tribes, as handed down by the Roman writings, which populated Sardinia and Corsica. Ptolemy, however, in one of his writings, in mentioning a Roman station, called it the name of Fanum Orisi which then, under the Giudicato of Gallura, became Urisè. The current urban center of Roman origin, born from a previous nuragic settlement, was founded around the second century in consideration of its geographical and strategic position. Orosei had great development in the Pisan era, in the twelfth century, becoming the most important seat of the curia of the Giudicato di Gallura. Some of the most representative monuments of the town date back to this period, such as the tower of Sant'Antonio and the parish church of San Giacomo and San Gavino. The town has been repeatedly subjected to pirate attacks. A semi-military figure in the fight against invasion by the sea is Tomasu Mojolu, who in 1806 led the resistance against a Turkish attack [5] Between the 1920s and the 1930s, Orosei underwent a reclamation treatment of the swampy areas km from the center, drastically decreasing the presence of the anopheles, thus recovering many land for agriculture.

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