Orosei is a charming village located in the Cedrino Valley, two and a half kilometres from the sea; it is famous for its natural beauty and its pristine coast.

The historic centre of Orosei is characterized by numerous churches: 17 of these are consecrated, including the Baroque parish church of San Giacomo and the church of Anime with a wooden pulpit from the 18th century. Important historical testimonies include the tower dedicated to Sant’Antonio, and archaeological sites such as the Rampinu nuraghe and the village of sa Linnarta.

Orosei Marina

distance 15.5 km

A two kilometre-long beach of clear and fine sand mixed with shells and gravel.

The Orosei Marina, which you can easily reach from the town centre, has transparent, iridescent blue waters due to the play of sunlight reflected on the seabed, which slopes rapidly. Often windswept, it is an ideal destination for surfers.

The beach is equipped with all services and comforts: it is accessible to people with disabilities, it is possible to rent bathing equipment and a lightweight rowing craft, it has a large car park that is also suitable for campers, and it has hotels, bars, and refreshment points.

Behind the marina, the abundant vegetation that is typical of the Mediterranean maquis frames the pond and the mouth of the Cedrino river.

The marina is loved by spear-fishers and diving enthusiasts. At the bottom of the sea about two miles offshore lies one of the most fascinating (and best preserved) wrecks – that of the KT, a German landing craft about 70 meters long that was sunk in 1943 by an English submarine stationed in the gulf.



The Gorropu Canyon hike is an incredible experience for nature and adventure lovers. Gorropu is one of the deepest canyons in Europe; enjoy a walk along a path through a breathtaking landscape of mountains, rivers, and forests. During the hike, you will be able to admire the vertical walls of the canyon that rise more than 500 meters.

Bidderosa Oasis

distance 2.4 km

The forest includes five splendid coves, a popular destination for summer seaside tourism, managed by a local cooperative.

A visit to this corner of Sardinia represents a unique opportunity to admire the extraordinary coastal panorama of the island. This area offers an evocative succession of granite reliefs, trimmed with secular juniper trees which frame the blue sea and sublime glimpses of a coast of very white sand.

Cala Luna

reachable by dinghy or trekking

Cala Luna is one of the wonders of the Gulf of Orosei and of the entire Mediterranean. It was chosen as the set for the cult film in Italian cinema: “Travolti da un insolito destino nell’azzurro mare d’agosto”.

Cala Luna is an inlet carved between the cliffs with a dazzling 800-meter ‘strip’ of very fine golden sand in the centre that plunges into the clear blue-toned sea. Shallow for the first few meters, the sea bed quickly goes deep; appreciated by snorkelling, diving, and underwater fishing enthusiasts.

Cala Mariolu

reachable by dinghy or trekking

A dip in the sea that seems to come from a painting It is also known as is pùligi de nie (snow fleas) due to the round, white and pink pebbles mixed with its sand.

Cala Mariolu in the Baunei area owes its name to the monk seal which, it is said, ‘stole’ the catch from the fishermen’s nets coming from Ponza: it was therefore called il mariolo (thief).

Its panorama is striking for its infinite shades of blue, emerald green and azure, and for the pebbles that look like snowflakes. The cliff that surrounds it reaches a height of 500 meters and falls sheer into the water both to the north and to the south, making Cala Mariolu accessible from the ground only through a demanding trek (for experts) in the midst of thick Mediterranean scrub.

Berchida Beach

11 km by car

The spectacular display it offers is defined by many tourists as a marvel of Sardinia that is capable of regenerating the mind and spirit from sunrise to sunset.

Considered (and voted) one of the most beautiful beaches in the Mediterranean, Berchida Beach is long and spacious. It is located in the territory of Siniscola, in Baronìa, which is a few kilometres away. Never crowded, it is the ideal destination for relaxation, with shallow waters, fine sand and sea colours ranging from green to turquoise.